There are others, you know...#1

James Altucher was on good form this week. He often has something feisty to say. He can be extremely encouraging, though sometimes he is a little puppy who just wants to be petted. This week I loved his answer to the question "How can education be improved?" As is his style he had plenty of links to previous articles of his, but one he left out was his one on the banality of the education system. Today he posted a piece about billionaires and their diseases.

The American Dream continues to present shocking facts about the state of the world: 12 Signs That Americans Who Love Liberty And Freedom Should Watch Their Backs.

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. presented a fascinating essay on The Fascist Threat.

Over at The Huffington Post, Matt J. Rossano wrote a very thought-provoking piece about evolution, Is God just playing dice? I liked his final sentence:
The more we understand evolution, the less it seems like either the bogeyman creationists fear or the universal God-dissolving acid some atheists crave.

I am a complete sucker for Richard Feynman, and this video has been doing the rounds this week:

Finally, Pat Farenga keeps the John Holt flame burning, and that is always appreciated. This week he posted an article by Nadia Jones: Want to learn? Don't go to college.