There are others, you know...#3

I was having a chat with my fiancĂ© one night recently, and burst into tears. I was bitter, sad, and angry. Why doesn’t anyone help me in return, I asked. Why is it when I am good to people and it feels like the kindness and generosity isn’t reciprocated? My fiancĂ©, with one eyebrow lifted, looked at me tenderly and said, “Perhaps because you aren’t really giving?”
Don't Invest. Give. written by Noch Noch, and posted on Pick The Brain.

I followed this piece to her own blog and immediately discovered this lovely article on the vital importance of reflection: attributing blame.
All these retrospective analysis is not to attribute blame and hold people guilty.

It is for a better understanding for myself to avoid the same mistakes again, such as ignoring how stressed out I was.

I’m not indulging in the past; rather I’m confronting suppressed thoughts and feelings, dealing with them, and moving on.

I encourage everyone to go through this process, to dig deep into the thoughts and causes behind emotions we feel, especially the negative ones. Let us feel our emotions to the naked depth that they would take us. It is not so easy to deal with suppressed hurt and pains, since it’s not pleasant. And trust me, you would go through extraordinarily bad days in doing so. Yet, it’s a necessary evil. It’s how you break free from the bonds.
Beautiful words, and very much in keeping with our feelings here at ACFN.