Relax - you're already dead

The individual life is wafer thin. Hours and minutes and seconds are peeled off like sheaves of paper and blown away in the breeze. Looking back everything is a distant memory. We can barely remember anything, and what we can remember we struggle to remember accurately. We are only left with residual feelings and emotions, and even these may not be true. We are casting an eye over our own demise.

Every minute has passed away. The walk from one destination to another has happened and is no more. A muddy footprint like a memory is the only evidence of where you have been, not where you are right now. Just mud on the floor, footprints in the rain, even they will disappear. A scent a dog might follow, this too will disipate.

The only thing that exists is right now; this very moment. This instant.

You can not die if you are already dead. Do you believe in life after death? You have nothing to fear. Do you believe death is non-existence? Then you will never die. You are not dead tomorrow, for if you were, you would no longer remember this very moment of being alive. You are aware of being alive this very moment - then do the same tomorrow.

It only matters if we are anxious about time running out. Time can run out no more than life can. Life does not run out. Life is. I am. We can no more imagine life ending than we can imagine life beginning. What was there before life began?

Life is for ever.