To be and not to be - that is the answer

"We are not born in to this world. We are born out from this world." Alan Watts
Everything is born out of this world. Look all around at the growing things, all springing up and growing out, reaching up and spreading. But only so far as the fruits and leaves die and new ones take their place each year. Each growing thing reaches its limit.

This spherical earth is a rolling, broiling, seething, mass. Each plate heaving and turning, rock and mass rising to the surface, moving, and being dug under - the earth turning itself inside-out, outside-in. Topsoil turned continuously by the worm. The agony and the ecstasy. Being fertilised and giving birth. Living things spring from this earth. Seed is planted and life shoots forth.

Some say there are galaxies in clusters like grapes on the vine. On the earth life burst forth, all various kinds of living things blooming like grapes on the vine.

And mankind born like a piece of fruit on the branch, grows and expands, mostly water. Some fruit falls early, some when they are old and bruised, and are mulched back in to the earth and regurgitated. Nothing is wasted.

Much Ado About Nothing
Who planted the seed for the birth of the universe? What was the soil in to which it was planted?

Being planted it. To be. Existence, vitality, energy. Love. Call it "God" if you want - it makes no difference. God is not God, anyway.

The soil in to which it was planted was the nothing. Thing and nothing. They are one.
And God went on to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.
Which brings us round in a circle like a sublime "O".

And who planted the seed that led to the birth of God?


We don't even know where we are headed for. If humankind is not flailing around in its afterbirth, it is certainly no more than an infant first becoming aware of itself. Fearful, paralysed, rebellious, futilely grasping for independence. We have hardly made a mark on the process. We are at the very beginning of the road.

Surely what we are heading for is what birthed us. We are God. Of God. Just because we have not reached full maturity does not mean that we are not made of the same stuff as God.

If the human race does manage to destroy itself, it simply means we have dropped off the branch too early and another piece of fruit will have to grow. This is not a one-off deal.