"A Carpenter from Nazareth" attempts (among other things) to prize the Bible from the hand of Christianity. It presents the idea that this interesting book is a record of a people's flight from "God", their eternal violent struggle to remain hidden, and at least one man's futile endeavour to open people's eyes and ears to the truth about themselves.

I offer no credentials, for I have none to offer. My name is Rory Sullivan. I am not a scholar - I am a window cleaner, from Sudbury.

Throughout the articles I tend to refer to God, and until recently this God was referred to as "he" - more out of convenience and habit than anything else. However, I would like to stress that God is not God.

Several articles contain a slight history of my journey:

Predestination, or is life just a bunch of stuff that happened?

Surrendering to the watchtower fade

I think I might have killed my father

What is love anyway?

Ghostworld of the excommunicated

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries, I would love to hear from you.